5 good things in a bad economy

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If you want doom and gloom about jobs in this economy, it is easy to find. But in all situations, some good can come of it. In the middle of this bad economy, here are five good things that can happen to you.

Your job responsibilities will increase

Because so many people have been laid off, people are getting more responsibility by default. Of course, there can be great stress with the increased responsibilities. But the good news is if you prove you can handle them, you’ve proven you can handle the promotion that goes with the responsibilities.

Companies are back to basics

Everything not essential to the core of the business is most likely gone. That’s good because it provides better focus for the management and the employees. While circumstances are still unclear, the mission of the company cannot be unclear. This should translate into clearer goals, projects, and work as the economy recovers.

You can ask for work you like

When there are layoffs, chaos can easily happen. There is this void of work that needs to be done and management hasn’t had time to figure out who is going to do it. If you are working on stuff you don’t like, go ask to work on stuff you do like. It’s one less headache for management to deal with and gets you working on stuff you want to do. That helps out everybody.

You may be forced to change

Sometimes, you don’t get to change; sometimes change is forced upon you. There are too many people out there who are too timid to change on their own — try out the new career, work in an area that has more responsibility, or forced to choose between different career options — that any forced change will result in a better career. Sure, there may be setbacks, but too many people come out of a forced change for the better to think this is a disadvantage.

You can spend time with loved ones

Of course, you can get laid off. If you are prepared for a layoff, while you are looking for another job you can spend significant time with the people you love. If everything is either time or money, having enough money to support you through a long layoff gives you the time to spend with loved ones.

How we approach difficult situations can often determine how good the resulting outcome will be. Knowing that good things can come out of a bad economy keeps us looking for the opportunities. And opportunities are what make great careers.

What good things have you experienced in this bad economy?

  • Great guide Now a days economy status   well be day to day increase This information is very useful  to me Thanks to sharing

  • Tired Employee says:

    Hmm – so lets see what has happened to me in the bad economy:
    – my job responsibilities have decreased
    – i have repeatedly asked for work – that i like and that i dont like but would be willing to do to make sure my responsibilities keep on increasing but instead my management chain keeps the lion’s share of the work for themselves
    – i am not even being given an opportunity to change

    I have repeatedly pointed out that I dont want a pay raise, I dont want a promotion – I just want work – and I am not being given work. I do get praise for what an excellent employee I am and how capable I am – but no work – in fact, reduction in work – despite workforce reduction within our dept – go figure. I am at my wits’ end.

    • Of the few good things that happen in a bad economy, there is a reason it’s called “bad.” Your example is the normal result of a bad economy. It’s not much fun and has a lot of stress involved. Hang in there and thanks for the comment.

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