How to ruin your business network in one easy step

By Scot Herrick | Business Networking

Jun 15

Your business network is critical to your ongoing ability to find jobs that meet your needs. Your business network is what helps you solve intractable problems and points you in the direction of resources to help you.

Yet, we blow all that goodness of our business network by failing to do one simple thing after getting help: Showing appreciation.

Do you think saying thank you doesn’t make a difference? Try this, from Rebecca at Modite in How to pitch for what you want:

My last job was all about keeping young professionals in the city. So when a candidate said she had been rejected by a local organization for a job, I asked her who the contact was. When it turned out to be someone I knew well, I offered to call my contact and ask that person to take a second look at the candidate. My contact agreed, the candidate was interviewed and was subsequently hired for a position.

And I never heard a thank you. Ever. That sort of thing happened all the time and what irks me even more is that it still does. Constantly. You have to show appreciation.

I can tell you similar stories of people that I have helped and supported and not heard a peep of appreciation. You can imagine that my enthusiasm for helping a person who doesn’t show appreciation fades at their next moment of need.

If you want to blow your business network up in one easy step, failing to show appreciation to the people in your business network is a sure-fire way to do it.

How do you show appreciation to your business network?

  • Rebecca says:

    Glad I’m not the only one! I need to remember to take my own advice sometimes too since it’s so easy to get wrapped up in everything, but saying thank you also helps mark the event, another great reason to do so. Thanks for the link!

    • Scot says:

      The other nasty one in my book is when someone in your business network promises to do something for you…and it never happens. Would I want that person working with me?

      Hmmm…another post!

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