3 ways to stop dragging your ass on the job

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We’ve all been there — we’re in a job that starts dragging our energy down. A job where boredom sets in. A lull that makes your time working drag on and on and on.

It happens. Here are three ways to break out of dragging your ass on the job:

Accomplish a goal

When we’re dragging, we don’t get anything done. We start on one task or project, then move on to another before completing it. We’ve started 75% of everything and completed 100% of nothing. All that tends to overwhelm the mind and puts you in a non-moving attitude.

Instead, make a small goal for the next hour, complete tasks to reach your small goal and get to completion. Nothing gives people energy like an accomplishment.

Help another person

Another way to get back on track is to help someone else with a work problem. Doing this typically gets you out of your cubicle (if you can’t stand the thought of accomplishing something in it from number 1!) and someplace slightly different than your normal surroundings. When we drag, we typically get fixated into a single place doing a singular role. Without the variety of movement and subject matter, we drag.

Plus, helping someone else out, especially in your business network, is an emotional lift for you. Someone needed your help and you were able to provide it. You have value.

Solve one problem

We all have problems at work, whether it is a lack of a task management system, some relationship issue with our manager or teammate, or some conundrum about the work we’re doing. Problems tend to look insurmountable if we don’t solve them. It becomes a vicious circle of having a problem that isn’t solved which brings another problem that is tough to solve. When we’re facing problems at work (or outside of work), we stop accomplishing stuff because we don’t want to face something that is bothering us.

But solving any problem, even a small one, is liberating. “Well,” we think, “that took care of that one!” Even solving one problem gets the pile smaller and less intimidating. Solving a problem gives us incentive to go solve the next one and the vicious circle is broken.

It’s about getting control back

These are three simple suggestions that all focus on one thing: getting some control back. We can only affect that which we can control or influence. By accomplishing something within our control — a self-set goal, helping someone, or solving a problem — we gain back a little bit of our confidence.

We get moving again.

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