Job search shows need for soft job skills

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Jun 05

We have our career formula here at Cube Rules: excitement + job skills + job performance = opportunities. It’s a good formula, but how do you determine what job skills you need?

Pongo Resume offers us a great way of determining part of the job skill answer by examining the 5 “best companies” list (for) their most wanted skills in potential employees.

Killer soft skills

Looking at the top five companies, they state their top soft skills as:

  • work independently
  • collaborative and communication
  • integrity
  • exceptional customer service
  • willing to learn
  • willing to volunteer for non-work organizations

Create soft skill interview stories

We know that interview stories carry more weight than simple answers to interview questions. But a trap we can have is building stories about our “hard” job skills — a programming certification, for example — but forget how to weave in the soft skills needed to reach our goal.

But soft skills are part of the “job skill” mix. It isn’t just how fabulous of a programmer you are. It’s also about how well you get along with the team. It’s about how well you communicate your work. It’s about having integrity in the moment so you deliver exceptional service to the customer.

When there are only three answers to interview questions, one of the three answers is how you show your soft skills.

What interview stories have you built about your soft skills?