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Most of use created SMART Goals for our performance reviews late last year. It is coming to the end of the first quarter of this tough 2009. Do you know how well you are succeeding with your SMART Goals?

Taking a hard look at your SMART goals for your performance review right now makes sense. Here’s why:

SMART Goals can still be met by your work this quarter

While two months have gone by since the beginning of the year, there is still time left in the first quarter to progress in your goal achievement. Reviewing your progress to your goals gives you the opportunity to shore up the weak areas and get back on track. Waiting until the last minute won’t help you in your overall rating – just like corporate earnings only count quarterly, so does the number at the end of the first quarter on your performance review.

SMART Goals are the biggest portion of your review

In most companies, the goal portion of your performance review is the largest percentage of the review. This makes sense, of course, because your goals are (supposedly) the most important work you can be doing for the company. This is also the time to look at how you are spending your time towards your goal attainment. Most people spend most of their time…on other tasks not related to their goals. So if your goals are the most important work you do and you are not spending most of your time on the work your goals demand, it is time to change the focus of your time.

SMART Goals drive your manager’s rating

If you and your manager set goals correctly, a challenge we address in How to write your performance review, then achieving these goals will help your manager’s rating as well. In tough times like we are in, achieving your goals so your manager achieves as well is important for your positioning in the team. Most managers want people who carry out their goals. By reviewing your goals right now and giving yourself time to adjust your work, you can achieve your goals while others may miss making their goals because they are not paying attention. Cubicle Warriors consistently review their progress to goals because they know their performance review rating depends on the goal attainment.

The self-management necessary to oversee your goals needs discipline. It is mundane. Yet, the most successful Cubicle Warriors do this review and adjust their work so they are always in the best position to achieve their goals. We work for our performance review rating to get the most money and career opportunities we can. Hitting our goals is a great way to start.

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