Monthly Archives: March 2009

Mar 31

Your personal finance safety net

By Scot Herrick | Personal Finance

When dealing with your personal finances, I’ve long recommended saving one year’s take-home pay. I have seen few personal financial advisers favor that amount of savings; most say an emergency fund typically three to six months long. That’s hard enough to do, I understand. But Cubicle Warriors take the challenge and get the savings out […]

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Mar 17

The Performance Review Secret

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Your performance review has a big secret: your salary and bonus are determined before writing your performance review. There’s a good reason performance reviews are written after the rating is submitted. It is because your manager doesn’t know your final rating until after the completion of the budget for salaries and bonuses. The early ratings […]

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Mar 11

Manage your 401(k) in cash

By Scot Herrick | Personal Finance

Part of managing your career is managing your 401(k). Right now, your 401(k) is looking ugly. Should you stop contributing to your 401(k)? Here are three reasons to keep contributing – and one reason you might stop. 401(k) has company match Without going crazy on percentages, if your company is contributing a company match to […]

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