Banks…and golfing

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jan 23

“The NBC Golf Commentator Johnny Miller has a great philosophy. His theory is when you get in trouble the first thing you do is get out of trouble , i.e. if you knock it in the woods chip back to the fairway. Unless you’re Tiger Woods and can bend a two iron under a tree and over a water hazard to a nestled pin on a sand trip circled cantilevered green, take your medicine and move on.

The problem with this whole banking imbroglio is that from what I can see none of the institutions are taking that advice. What we have are a bunch of 18 handicappers that have bought fancy clubs and have deluded themselves into thinking they can play from the back tees at Winged Foot.”

Christopher Atayan

h/t The Kirk Report

Photo by Mike Hauser