Networking: You must follow through

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Call me confused. Serious people are looking for jobs and people in their network are willing to help.

The people willing to help ask for simple things. For example, a resume. Or a phone number to reach the person. Or an e-mail address where they can send a job description.

And get crickets.

No response. No follow through. Nothing.

When that happens to a person in your network who is willing to help, what impression are you leaving that person? One who would want to recommend you (again)? Or one that now doubts your seriousness? Doubts your qualifications? Scared that your performance from a recommendation would hurt their reputation?

For some people, asking for help is scary or hurts their perception of themselves. But the world has changed and corporations will not take care of you. Only you — and your network — can take care of you.

Feed that network. Grow that network. And get over any reservations about using your network for information and help.

And follow through. You never know when a person has an opportunity to recommend you to another. When it happens, don’t risk missing the recommendation because you didn’t follow through when you wanted some help.

Now, I need to write those two recommendations on LinkedIn I agreed to do for two of the people in my network. Before I get tagged with not being responsive!

  • What a great point. We have to follow through to help our network as well as staying in touch with your network, otherwise it’s never going to help us. This is as easy as writing a LinkedIn recommendation or responding back to an email. When a person is trustworthy it’s easier to recommend that person to other people.

    • Precisely, Karl. The deal with networks is that each person participates in a way that helps others.

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