Learning from career setbacks

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Dec 11

With the number of job changes and layoffs right now, you will make a career mistake. Take the wrong job. Work for the wrong company. Get hired by a manager you thought was great but ended up not so much.

When I worked for a large telecommunications company, everyone that I knew (including me) that left for a different job had a different job than the one they took about two years after that. It was like the first place they went was a response to “get out at any cost” and then they found out the cost wasn’t worth it. So they left and went someplace else where they found some happiness.

Now, you could think that you left a good, secure job for the job of your life. But you could end up far worse off than where you were. Hiring managers expect you to be transparent in interviews; hiring managers rarely are when doing the interview. You can easily make a mistake.

Cubicle warriors learn from career setbacks. Was it the culture you missed? The tyrant manager in sheep’s clothing? The job description that sounded exciting but ended up boring?

It is important to learn from the setback – but not to get down for committing it.

Keep having accomplishments and when you realize you made a mistake, go look for a different position. Oftentimes the best jobs come right after the career setback.

Learn. Then move on.

Have you recovered from a career mistake?