Book Review: The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

By Scot Herrick | Book Reviews

Nov 12

With the election now over, many are focusing on the “first 100 days” of the new Presidential administration. 100 days has a nice ring to it – the time frame is short enough to have some meaningful results in place and long enough to see some of the better strategy outlines of the administrations.

Preparing for a new position in business is important as well. Yet, there is little out there that has a solid preparation plan for Cubicle Warriors to plan for a new position.

The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan” is a book that outlines the plan for an executive transition to a new role. Think at the CEO or Senior Vice President titles in a larger corporate organization and you have where the book focuses. I’ve used these types of books for my own personal management before and I wanted to try this one as a guide for knowledge workers in preparing for a new position. The book offers up the right stuff:

  • A seven-step process to use for managing the 100-day transition to a new role
  • Downloadable forms to use as a way to document the 100-day transition
  • Focus on relationship building and not just organization charts
  • Understanding the politics of the organization and ensuring a good communications plan
  • Excellent techniques to determine information about the company and the role being taken

The book even addresses the importance of SMART goals and how to use them in a performance review, a personally important point as I include it in the How to write your performance review course in Cube Rules Products.

Alas, when the authors state their case for the new leader, they really do mean CEO’s and other corporate executives. The information in the book was tough to translate for the leaders of where business meets the cubicle.

Cube Rules Rating: Two Cubes of Five where I didn’t see much value; you might

The book basically outlines the types of consulting services a corporate executive would use (isn’t it great that they can use consultants to plan their job?) in transitioning to a new position. Some of the techniques and steps could be of use to a new manager going into a new position, but would be tough for knowledge workers to use.

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