Career Management Monday, October 13, 2008

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Oct 13

With the huge numbers of job losses over the last couple of months and the continuing crash of the credit markets, I thought the most useful writing I could do is to (depressingly) put up all of the articles related to being laid off by a company.

Layoffs are a part of your career. They are never easy, but given the global economy, work being shifted to wherever the least cost for labor happens to be at the moment, and the changes in the economy, layoffs will happen. It has never been more important in your career management activities to do what is necessary to “keep the castle” – your hard fought savings, income, and relationships that your life has created. To that end, here are the free articles about layoffs and what to do about them that I’ve written here on Cube Rules. Hopefully, while depressing, they will help you either prepare or deal with being laid off.

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Career advice in the face of a meltdown

I have been laid off twice in my career and successfully avoided quite a few more playing career defense. In both cases of being laid off, big changes occurred in my life – for the better. While a layoff, no matter how well prepared you are for it, is hard, it is also a significant opportunity. With a layoff, go through your grieving process (you will), but then it is time to move on. When you do, you will find opportunities that you never would have seen working in your last job.

Go get ’em!