Effortless Grace is a Lot of Work

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You’ve seen those people, haven’t you? The ones that go through work knowing the answers, who to talk to in the company about your subject and the ones that consistently outperform their teammates? They aren’t smooth or fake; they just get it. In good times or bad, they complete their work with effortless grace.

Here’s a hint: whenever something looks easy, it isn’t.

Instead, those who look like everything comes easy are working pretty hard. They’ve learned the lessons of working smarter too. They have figured out that what comes easy to them is a gift that must be honed through hard work.

Effortless grace, then, is a lot of work.

Know your job skills

When you go to work, put yourself in the position to maximize doing what you are good at and like to do. Many people don’t realize that what comes easy to them is actually hard for others. Ask people you trust what problem they would have that would make them thinking you could solve the best. That problem may be easy for you, but your skills are valued by others. Learn those skills and maximize their use.

Become an expert

An expert is someone that knows their subject well. Plus, they understand the context around the subject. In a company, it means a person knows the latest trends, how the company fits in those trends and who else in the company can help out on the work. One does not become an expert overnight; it takes hard work to keep up with the latest literature and how your area practically implements with results.

Know what you are good at ā€“ and what you are not

A great piece of advice from one of my former managers: make your strengths so strong that they outweigh any weakness. No one can be great at everything. Practice doing the things that you are good at and minimize doing the things you are not good at. Instead of trying to improve on your weaknesses, minimize them and improve on your strengths. You’ll do a better job and have a lot more fun at the same time.

The work pays off for your career

If you know your skills, become an expert, and work on stuff you’re good at, you increase your value to your team and company. You set yourself up to do well in your job and your career. You become the person others want to emulate because you now have effortless grace in your job.

Only we know how much work it took to achieve effortless grace.

Do you know anyone that fits this profile?

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