Monthly Archives: October 2008

Oct 22

Book Review: The Integrity Dividend

By Scot Herrick | Book Reviews

Intellectually, we understand that having integrity is an important value to demonstrate to others. Then we fail in the follow-through to show integrity in the moment. We don’t keep our word on small commitments, or forget our commitment to do something, or don’t think that showing up makes a difference. It does. In “The Integrity […]

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Oct 03

Effortless Grace is a Lot of Work

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

You’ve seen those people, haven’t you? The ones that go through work knowing the answers, who to talk to in the company about your subject and the ones that consistently outperform their teammates? They aren’t smooth or fake; they just get it. In good times or bad, they complete their work with effortless grace. Here’s […]

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