Career Management Monday

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Aug 18

Back at work for the week – the summer is almost gone here in the Northern Hemisphere. I had a weekend of errands, sleep, and a few thunderstorms. All in all, not bad.

To get you back into the swing of things, here’s some articles to help on those Monday morning work blues….

Worshiping the Hammer

Timothy L. Johnson tells it like it is on Carpe Factum.

“I couldn’t help but make a couple of playful swipes at Six Sigma, Lean, Agile and UML.  Mind you, I have nothing against these tools per se, but I have taken exception with the people who worship use them.”

Yup. When your site title means “Seize the Accomplishment,” accomplishments trump worshiping process.

How to fix your thinking

I’ve become a fan of David Bullock. A lot of what he writes about is oriented to running your own business – exactly what career management is about. This article gives you some reality-based questions on where you are in your life. Honestly answer his questions. You will be better for it.

Just Say “No” to Corporate Speak

Imagining opening up a blog post and the first two words are your name. Well, there I was, the first two words on this blog post. Barbara Safani writes about where corporate speak really begins: the job description. She even found a job description done the right way. Take a look and tell me if you’d want the Operations Manager position or the Program Manager.  And if you really want the Operations Manager position, please let me know why!

You Have to Get Dirty

Debra Moorhead always comes up with the right perspective. This time she talks about those reusable grocery bags needing to get dirty. And then relates it learning by doing. And firing someone. Wow.

Why Bringing your On-line Community Off-line is So Crucial

Ryan Paugh of Employee Evolution tells us why social networks have a short shelf life and the importance of getting your on-line community communicating off-line. Can we talk?

Enjoy your Monday!