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When your site name is Cube Rules, you have to pay attention to a book named The Executive Rules: The Complete Guide to Landing an Executive Job, by Thad Greer.

When I first looked at the book, I was thinking that it was yet another book aimed at corporate suite types. But Thad defines executive as having managerial responsibilities and making more than $75,000 a year. With that criteria, I became curious on whether or not the book would apply to Cubicle Warriors. It does.

The seven key career questions

The book is divided in two sections. The first, “Evaluation: the 7 key career questions,” is devoted to understanding your strengths, what you bring to a potential employer, and what conditions you like for work.

Doing self-evaluation is tough work. Yet, Thad provides multiple questions within the questions to help you work through this self-evaluation. I am constantly on the lookout for good questions in this area and I picked up quite a few from this reading.

Implementing your job search

The second section is “Implementation: Your New Job Awaits.” This section gives you an implementation path to finding a new position in your market. Included are chapters on social networking, face to face networking, your resume, interviews, working with a recruiter and much more.

Most of my past positions have been with large, Fortune 500 firms. Thad is the first person I’ve seen to not only point out the benefits of working with smaller firms, but also how to map out going after such companies.

How good is the book?

The Executive Rules viewpoint is that of a recruiter evaluating candidates for positions that companies are paying for. Since Thad’s placements come with a guarantee, you can be assured that he has his process for getting the best candidates down cold. He shares that process with us through the implementation process.

I found the book a candid explanation of how recruiters and, by proxy, hiring managers view the world of getting a job. I picked up countless tips and many great lessons learned from the book.

The viewpoint of the book is one of us doing the work of self-evaluation and finding our jobs. But the insights into both areas enable us to do the work in a systematic manner while orienting our work to the most rewarding position possible.

Cube Rules Rating – 4 Cubes

One a scale of five cubes with five being the best, I rate The Executive Rules at four cubes. The only reason it is not rated five cubes is because it may not be a “must have” book for every knowledge worker.

But, if you want to have a recruiter viewpoint to turn to about how job searches are done, what criteria are used for hiring people, and what you can do to help create a successful job search, this is the book to own. It was a pleasure to read and I learned a lot.

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