Paris Hilton Defends Her Personal Brand

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To be fair, I’m not a Paris Hilton fan. Paris is a person who is famous for being famous and having the Hilton fortune, albeit a small percentage, behind her.

But give the girl credit. She has built her own personal brand – she’s with it, hot, doing the right things, seen in the right places, and being a celebrity because…well, we’ve said she is a celebrity.

But when your personal brand is under attack, you need to defend what is right about your brand. Don’t let someone else change your personal brand for their own devices.

And now I’m a Paris Hilton fan

When John McCain maliciously used Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears as part of an attack ad against Barack Obama, Paris had a problem: her personal brand was attacked without her permission and used in a way that degraded what she has built. Whether or not you agree with what she has built as a brand.

Instead of the “why would we want to be involved in a Presidential campaign” coming from Brittany’s PR handlers, we instead get an on-message personal branding defense from Paris Hilton. Not only is it a perfect defense of her brand, but it uses her celebrity to turn the tables on the McCain campaign. Celebrity has privileges and Paris knows exactly how to use them.

Her defense perfectly integrates her personal brand and mocks those that would try and debase it. And, by the way, so did her parents who also previously donated dollars to the McCain campaign.

If your personal brand is attacked, defend the realm with your personal brand in mind. You may not be able to pull off the resources that Paris did, but her response is spot on.

  • Scot…always nice to work a celebrity into a post on Personal Branding! This is especially well done with reference to the upcoming US elections also! Luv the focus of your blog – and the branding…although Paris may not have spent much time in a cubicle herself…this story will inspire many!

    • Scot Herrick says:

      @Luke Harvey – Having celebrities and sports figures is one of the best ways to show personal branding because their lives are much more reported than us standard cubicle warriors. Paris’ “ad” has now been watched over 3,000,000 times in 24-hours — I’m not so sure McCain is real happy about being called that old white haired guy and having it seen by that many people in spite of what he says.

      And thanks for the kind words on the blog. I really appreciate the readers and commenters that come by.

  • I didn’t know about the Paris response – thanks. Of course, McCain won’t see it since he doesn’t know how to use the internet.

    • Scot Herrick says:

      @Rebecca – I’m surprised they are taking this course, using Paris and Brittany as celebrities and equating it with Barack’s campaign. Paris is better at explaining an energy policy than McCain is and that can’t be good.

  • Nice piece, Scot, on steadfastly defending your personal brand.

    I almost hate to admit that I’m becoming a Paris Hilton fan. She works it so well.

    I enjoy your blog. It fits an important niche.


    • Scot Herrick says:

      @Meg Guiseppi – Thanks, Meg. Yeah, if someone would have told me I’d be defending Paris Hilton on Cube Rules, I’d have told them they were nuts. And here I am…

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