Book Review: The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog

By Scot Herrick | Book Reviews

Aug 01

The great part about a blog is that there is information published in it every day. The tough part about a blog is that the learning comes in small, bite-sized chunks. Unless you are on a mission to find out all you can about a subject and then piece all of the bite-sized chunks together into a coherent whole, you will tend to feel scattered about what you read. Or write.

Liz Strauss, of Successful Blog, has published a new e-book that addresses how online conversations work. Or, in my view, how great conversations work, online or not.

Liz writes about community, conversations, and putting the relationship back into business. The e-book takes those bite-sized chunks of learning and effortlessly weaves the work into a coherent guide for online conversations.

While the 68-page e-book is easy to read, it is packed with solid tips for making your writing more accessible, focused on the reader or customer, and remarkable. Even if you don’t own a business or aren’t concerned with building an online community, the writing guidelines will help your writing attract the right attention, whether running a department or simply communicating with your manager.

If you are looking to build online communities, develop authority and credibility, or just write better, take your bite-sized learning to a full course meal. The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog – An Insider’s Guide to the Conversation that’s Changing How Business Works is a timeless reference for writing better.

  • Liz Strauss says:

    Hi Scot, Thanks! I’m thrilled at the response the book has gotten especially the thoughtful comments from folks I so respect, such as you. Coming from publishing, I felt some pressure to make sure that I delivered on the promise on every page. I wanted folks to be able to immediately use what I wrote.

    I appreciate every word here. 🙂

    • Scot Herrick says:

      @Liz Strauss – What is great about a book like this is the weaving of the concepts presented in blogs. We can tend to do one subject a day, another the next. Even when we do a series, it is tough to tie them together. This really ties together your good thoughts on writing on-line.

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