Employee Engagement and Enthusiasm

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Jul 25

There is a lot of management talk about employee engagement. In fact, I belong to a forum on the subject. There is a distinction, I think, in “employee engagement” and “enthusiastic employee engagement.”

Employee engagement is critical to the success of an organization. Employees will usually be more creative, positive, and productive when engaged in their work. Yet management often pays little attention to the engagement levels of their employees.

But there is a big difference between engaged in the work and enthusiastically engaged in the work. Let me share the differences.

When an employee is engaged in the work, there is:

  • awareness of the tasks
  • progress against goals
  • involvement in the creative process for the work
  • and results.

These attributes really move the work along.

Enthusiasm about the work, however, moves this engagement to the next level. Enthusiastic engagement gives you all of the above – plus the desire to do the work.

Yes, I can be engaged in the work. Enthusiasm means I want to be engaged in the work. And there’s a world of difference between the two.

What makes you engaged in your work?