Scared to take this job

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Jul 15

This weekend, I received a note from one of my readers asking if she should take a job with Countrywide in India, given their recent purchase by Bank of America, or take a job with IBM or Infosys.

According to the note, here’s what the hiring manager said about the Countrywide merger with Bank of America:

  • There would be no IT layoffs in either India or the US for the Countrywide group
  • The merger would not affect IT in the Countrywide group in India
  • The merger between Bank of America and Countrywide was good for Countrywide.

She also noted that she was scared to join Countrywide.

Should she take the job?

Here’s my analysis:

No one can guarantee there won’t be layoffs, especially because of the merger. To say there won’t be layoffs is a big red flag about how much this hiring manager knows about mergers (a VP to boot…).

Countrywide operations will, of course, be affected. A company isn’t bought a week from bankruptcy with the buying company simply saying “continue on as before.” Bank of America will integrate the technology, processes and people into the Bank of America way of doing banking.

As far as the merger of Countrywide with Bank of America being a good thing for Countrywide — of course it is. The alternative was bankruptcy. Will it be good for Countrywide’s remaining employees? If they can survive the merger over the next two years.

The most important factor here, though, is this one: she’s scared to join Countrywide operations and has job offers from two other companies. The two other companies are both global in nature and financially healthy. Their management teams are well-respected.

If you take a job that you are scared of, the chances of success dramatically drop. You become worried about the job, layoffs, and whether the decision was right for you — instead of concentrating on the job itself and doing the work.

If you are fortunate to have a choice between a job that scares you because of the merger situation and one that doesn’t, you take the job that doesn’t scare you. There’s a reason you’re scared and everyone needs to listen to that voice.

Good luck…Scot