Technology is Great; Technology Sucks

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Jul 09

Yesterday was one of those great productivity days that got sucked into the technology Black Hole’s of life.

I’ve had a few issues with Firefox 3.0 working correctly with the plugins and I chased down a few rabbit holes on that one. But then, the Internet connection went. Let me tell you, when the Internet connection goes, (enter Valley Girl accent) it’s like TOTALLY bad!

The thing was, the Internet connections were fine on both my desktop and Kate’s laptop computer. Kate’s computer was also connected wirelessly to the Internet and she has the same ThinkPad make and model as I do.

Settings are OK and the same. My laptop doesn’t connect with Ethernet or wireless. Connects to the internal network just fine, but not the Internet. Check Zone Alarm settings and they are the same as the other two computers.

You get the idea. Five hours of chasing around getting nothing done except increasing my frustration levels.

Finally, I turned off Zone Alarm and off to the Internet I go. Turn it back on and I’m screwed. But the settings are the same as the other computers…

After that revelation, I went to bed. This morning, I’m trying to uninstall/reinstall Zone Alarm as I assume something got corrupted. But I can’t get a clean install because the True Vector service (from Zone Alarm) is still running – when I’ve stopped the service.

So I will spin some wheels this morning – but not much. I have too much to get done today and working on a technology issue is not at the top of my list.


UPDATE: Zone Alarm released a new software version to resolve the DNS update from Microsoft. For those that are here with the same issues, you can both download the new Zone Alarm version and install the Windows update.

  • Exactly the reason I stopped using ZoneAlarm. I’ve run into these same problems after updating ZA. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall and things were back to normal.

    I started using Comodo Firewall but eventually got rid of it and am using the built in firewall in Vista + the other network security I have in place (hardware firewall, etc). This keeps me safe from the basic stuff…if someone really wants in they’ll probably find a way in 🙂

    Isn’t technology grand? 🙂

  • Deanna McNeil says:

    I found this today:

    Hope it helps!

  • Scot Herrick says:

    @Eric D. Brown – Deanna posted a comment that notes the most recent Windows update is the culprit. And, it’s true.

    Interestingly, Zone Alarm only prevents access to the Internet on my work laptop; the two other PC’s in the network (all a home network, not corporate) can access Zone Alarm with the update. All the configurations, of course, are the same.

    Software is a tough business. Now I have to watch Zone Alarm to look for an update so I can reinstall the Windows update sitting patiently in my toolbar. Staring at me. Like I’ve done something wrong…

    I may still give you a call, Eric, on alternatives!

  • Deanna McNeil says:

    I am so glad you found relief. Regretably, as we are all too well aware, software is indeed a tough business and the stories don’t always have a happy ending, do they? 🙂

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