Productivity is about what we DON’T do

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jun 30

Immense amounts of electrons have been used to write about how to make ourselves more productive. Being efficient on what we are working on makes perfect sense, of course. But, being productive on what we do is only one part of the equation.

The other part is being productive because of what we DON’T do. It is a simple concept, really. But with the growth of social media — Twitter, Plurk, LinkedIn, MySpace, and every other corner of the Internet — the opportunity for distraction above and beyond that we get in our cubes is astounding.

And, for the most part, not conducive to productivity.

The Geeks Guide to GTD notes in “Is It Time For A Paradigm Shift In How We Work And The True Nature of Productivity?“:

I reached an epiphany about a year ago that it became clear to me that most of my online activity was a colossal waste of time. So away went all of my tech podcast’s, I unsubscribed to nearly all of my RSS feeds and the hours spent wandering around YouTube happily went away. Also with the help of the Lord I was able to extricate myself from the clutches of Twitter. Now I stand a free man ready to be somewhat productive.

How much distracts you during the day? How we spend our time is how we value what we do in life.

I’m working on getting rid of the distractions. How about you?