E-mail for the Cubicle Warrior

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jun 19

There are perhaps thousands of posts on e-mail processing, etiquette and distraction level out there on the Internet. While mastering e-mail is a necessary job skill for the Cubicle Warrior, I have been reluctant to “prescribe” something here that I foolishly believe would magically clear your inbox.

Every once in a while, though, I run into a good listing of e-mail guidelines. So it is with this post. Seth Godin, who has forgotten more about how to use the web for marketing than I’ll ever know, published a (long) e-mail checklist that is worthy of reading and carrying out.

Now, there are thirty-six items on the checklist. I don’t think you’ll go through every one every time you send an e-mail. But the list provides you a good frame of reference for using e-mail. Or not. E-mail, after all, goes to a person or a group of people. This list is about the people on the other end of the e-mail you are sending.