Social Media Contraction Good for Cubicle Warriors

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For those of us who have sat on the sidelines of the “Social Media” blitz – Facebook and MySpace as the most famous two examples – there comes sobering news.

The Social Networking Gets a Sanity Check, tells us the numbers:

Today there are numbers out from comScore that indicate plateauing growth for the big two – MySpace and Facebook – in the U.S.

This is significant because both of these sites focus on advertising revenue as their revenue. The article also notes that most of the growth in both sites comes from outside the United States where earning from advertising revenues is more difficult.

This is good news for Cubicle Warriors.

Social media – the 2.0 Web – is an important ingredient of career management and personal branding. The problem with big sites like Facebook is that one merely becomes lost among hundreds of thousands of other members. It takes just as much effort to build and keep a Facebook site as it does, for example, Cube Rules; yet you may not get the right results for your time.

Social media is a career management strategy. The strategy is how to maximize your personal brand in your marketplace.

If you are a Business Analyst extraordinaire, why would you want to be on Facebook with people in college, musicians, authors, artists, and people who just want to be on a site? It does your personal brand no good to be lost in the maze of everything under the sun.

If you were a business manager, why would you want to be on MySpace with everyone else on the planet? When people come looking for specialists in your area, why make them wade through 5,000 other careers looking for yours?

Even LinkedIn, the “business” social media site, is arguably too large. Just because you linked to 500 other people doesn’t mean anyone is going to find you and your precious personal brand for the next big gig.

Social media is finally starting to move past the “one size fits all” model. There are now enough people who “get” social media that the sites can start to specialize into areas that make the case for your personal brand. Social media is a forum of like-minded people who work together to help one another through a network. Social media is being able to post a question and get an answer that will help you in your job and career. Social media is a platform to network with your counterparts across the planet.

That’s why social media is a strategy. The problem has been the social media sites were built to have a gazillion members when what we need to build our personal brand is a site with the right members. Humans can’t interact with millions of members – it all becomes noise. Two thousand members? That’s a community you can work with.

As I continue in my work, we’ll find like-minded communities to interact with Cube Rules. And building one of our own.

  • Build one of our own you say…I have a bit of experience with that myself. šŸ™‚

    Good places to start looking at building a social network of your own is Ning and CollectiveX. Both allow you to start a ‘group’ of your own and build your own social network.

    I used Ning to build DFW Entrepreneur Network’s Social Networking site (…we are up to ~450 members now all with the same goal – entrepreneurship.

    I’d be happy to help get one started for the Cubicle Warriors out there.

    • Scot Herrick says:

      @Eric D. Brown
      I’ve got a few tools up my sleeve as well. However, I didn’t know you had those sites, so I’m going to take a look. Thanks.

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