Why Work Sucks – The interview, part 5

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jun 06

There is a revolutionary approach to work out there: a Results Only Work Environment. It’s changing the time and presence approach for results to, well, results. You can learn about this in The Case for a Results Only Work Environment.

Impressed, I wanted to interview Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, the creators of this approach and authors of “Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It.” I’ll be posting one part of this interview through the week, with other articles. A Results Only Work Environment is a culturally different approach to work. I want to take the space to help you understand why this is different.

Today’s subject is about what you can do to take some action for this environment at your work.

If someone reading is interested enough in ROWE to want to take some action, what should they do?

First of all, if you want to take action after reading about ROWE, we congratulate you. You’ve recognized that the foundation of work today is broken and we need to stop the band-aid fixes. There are two main things you can start doing tomorrow that will move you closer to a ROWE:

1) If you’re an individual contributor, you can start ensuring that your goals and expectations are clear. If you feel you’re doing useless activities, be vocal about that and show how the activities aren’t contributing to your outcomes. If you’re a manager, start focusing on results not time. Don’t reward your employees for “coming in early”, “staying late”, working weekends, or putting in a certain number of hours. Be very specific about the outcomes you’re rewarding them for. You’d be surprised how this change in behavior can affect team dynamics, productivity, and overall morale.

2) You can become aware of the language you’re using in the work environment. If you find yourself making comments about how other people are spending their time, that’s Sludge. Remember that in a ROWE, Sludge is not accepted because it’s not about the work. When you want to make judgments like this, stop yourself. And, if you want to go a step further, educate other people about Sludge. Now that you have a word to describe this gross, unproductive language, use it.

The Results Only Work Environment should be how work is done. Given corporations and cultures, there is much to overcome. But, I think it is the life to live as a Cubicle Warrior.

I want to thank Cali and Jody for the time and effort they put into this interview. It is much more difficult than it looks.

Cali and Jody – much success!

  • I’m so glad I ran across your site (via Twitter). I’m living the cubicle life now (as of 10 weeks ago) and really struggling. I’ll be checking back to visit your site soon! If you ever want to guest blog on http://www.caffeinatedcubicle.com I’d love it. I’m having such a hard time getting adjusted that my blogging creativity is nil! Again, thanks for being here.

    • Scot Herrick says:

      Welcome to the blog. I do love the name “Caffinated Cubicle!” One of the best way to have your creativity back is to simply write about what you are struggling with now back in a cube. It is these experiences that others can relate to in their own work.

  • I didn’t want to be a cliche and just rant about work. I wanted it to be positive! However, I traded in a GREAT job with people I ADORED and a boss that DIDN’T suck to cut my commute by 65%. Not sure that was the right choice! So I’m drowning my sorrows with lots of government-issued coffee and trying to grin and bear it. I’ll stay tuned to your site. It is very inspiring.

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