5 most under-appreciated posts on Cube Rules

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

May 08

One of the sharpest guys publishing stuff on project management and process engineering on the Internet is Timothy L. Johnson over on Carpe Factum (Seize the Accomplishment!). He writes some pretty good books too, especially “GUST: The ‘Tale’ Wind of Office Politics” – one of the few books out there that offers an approach to understanding and working with office politics.

Timothy is moving some of his content around between blogs and, in going through the articles, found many that he thought were the answer to every problem in the world but just got no traction. He challenged me to come up with my most “under-appreciated” content here on Cube Rules.

The question is this: If I could select my top 5-10 posts which received little to no attention, what would they be? So here are my top 5 never-been-commented-on-but-should-have blog posts (in no particular order):

  1. The Global Enterprise: Working on teams. This post describes how IBM, a global enterprise, uses teams – it is about the new set of job skills a knowledge worker needs to operate effectively on global teams.
  2. But, what about the box? This post is about the importance of doing our core work so we can be more effective “outside” the box.
  3. Checklists Facilitates Process Improvement is an article that lists the checklists cubical warriors should have and why they are effective.
  4. Laid Off: Checklist for what to take with you. This article has both the 8 items to take with you and the additions from the comments for a complete list.
  5. Great Career Management Content – blasts from the past. This article also looks at some of the other underutilized content on the site.

I’ll challenge five other writers of my “must-read” career management blogs to do the same: Stephen Hopson of Adversity University Blog, Kristen King of Biz Chicks Rule, Cali and Jody writing about Results Oriented Work Environments (ROWE) on Cali and Jody, Anita Bruzzese of 45 Things, and Rebecca Thorman of Modite – modern urbanite. What are your most under-appreciated posts?

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  • Scot – great challenge! I think we can do it…stay tuned…

    Cali and Jody

  • Scot:

    Wow, that is a cool challenge. I’m about to write my weekly gratitude post tonight (for tomorrow’s delivery) and I’ll include this as part of it. Hmmm…very interesting challenge! Thanks for the invite.

    P.S. I am now reading Timothy’s book GUST and it is EXCELLENT. I’ve read half the book in one sitting. Very entertaining. Made me feel as if I were a fly on the wall watching everything unfold. Very cool. Will be recommending this book to others on my blog. Got lots to write about!

  • Scot Herrick says:

    This took longer than I thought — there is a lot of content and you want to try and select the right stuff for this article.

    But, it’s a good exercise. All of us have done things in our careers that we think is great — but are under-appreciated.

  • Wow…this is a great challenge. With more than a year’s worth of posts to consider, I’m up for it. Stay tuned….
    Anita Bruzzese

  • Great post! And you’ve selected awesome people to keep the meme going! This is going to be a great dive!

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