Online or not, business principles are the same

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I’m in Chicago as I write this attending SOBCon08 — the Biz School for Bloggers. The fascinating finding here for Cubicle Warriors is that the principles for business, whether physical at work or online, are very similar.

There are customers. There is the purpose of your work for your customers. There is efficiency for the work being done to make ourselves better. And there is personal development to make ourselves (and our careers) better.

There is an international group of speakers providing great input to what we do.

A great way to spend the weekend.

  • It was wonderful to meet you and you were a special part of the weekend for me. Thank you for that.

    You are so right. It doesn’t matter if your business is brick-mortar or virtual, the principles stay the same. If you cannot connect and service your customers, get out of the business.

  • Hey Scot,
    Really nice to meet you at SOBCon. I think you’ll agree there was a lot to learn and absorb about online and offline business, period.
    My favorite part was actually Meeting all the cool people and you too (*wink, wink* nudge, nudge) face to face. I love their words, but talking face to face is more fun (and you get to know the real person!).

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