Every Meeting is Optional

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

May 02

ROWE — Results-Only Work Environment — requires that your work gets done, not the hours you spend in an office.

Thus, when there are meetings, you need to decide if you need to be in the meeting rather than just going because you were one of 25-others on the meeting invite. Three-quarters of whom will just look at their Blackberry and ignore what goes on in the meeting anyway.

This is how a Results-Only Work Environment has a meeting.

I’m off to Chicago today to attend SOBCON08. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Great post, Scott!

    When I was in my mid-thirties I decided to count the number of days that I had walked the planet. It was a good exercise to help me value time.

    If your not careful you’ll forget that time is a limited time offer. In that spirit, not attending a meeting may be the best choice.

  • The University of Minnesota is launching a study to investigate how ROWE and other flexible work policies can impact health and well-being–not just for employees but for their families too.

    Hypothetically, skipping that meeting means could take your kids on a bike ride and cook a healthy dinner, thereby increasing their lifespans and quality of life. Hmm…and probably decreasing your employer’s insurance costs to boot.

    Study info here: http://www.flexiblework.umn.edu/

  • Scot Herrick says:

    Great comments.

    Meetings are one of the biggest time wasting activities on the planet, no matter how well organized.

    I’m not sure we can change the culture to have meetings be this productive, but I’ll take that first stab at the windmill!

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