Performance Evaluations and Goals

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Mar 31

The major reason I’ve spent a lot of time over the last week (with a bit more to go) on SMART goal setting is that goals become the major component of the performance review.

In The Dreaded Performance Evaluation, Anita gives us some great steps to get ready for the actual review (including putting as much effort “into your performance appraisal as you did your NCAA basketball bracket” — priceless…).

But winning the performance review is often done long before review time comes around:

  • When your goals are set, your performance measurements are put in place for the performance review.
  • Providing updates on your goals, including monthly reviews with your manager, determines the direction of the performance review long before it is written.
  • Your attitude about the work sets the tone for the review
  • The perception of your work by managers (not just your manager) begins the ability to defend your work in manager calibration sessions.

Now, this is not to discount the effort needed to do the actual review. But doing the review is often less important than having the review already written in your manager’s head by your goals, performance, communication ability and your attitude.

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