What You Read is What You Need

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Mar 14

Most of my readers know that most web sites track their traffic and also track their readership of articles. How many (not who, because that is hidden) are reading which articles. Plus the searches that bring them to the blog in the first place.

Of course, I do that as well and, after publishing 350+ articles, you can start to see patterns of what people are reading as well as what they are looking for.

What follows are the most read articles over the last couple of months — can you see the pattern?

One dimensional solutions to multiple change issues don’t work. An article about the multiple changes we have in our lives going on at once can’t be worked by a one dimensional solution. Plus, a follow-up article on Multiple Changes Require Fast Focus that attempts to provide some insight around what it would take to deal with the multiple changes.

“How long does a position last?” is an article that asserts you should determine how long a position will be good for you at the outset. Set up the criteria, set a date, and then periodically evaluate. Better to know when to go before you get thrown out, don’t you think?

Writing Reviews — The Series is a group of articles that look at your Performance Review Structure, Goals, and Feedback in order to help cubicle warriors show how they are performing to management. Most read — but written in July, 2007, showing the incredible need to learn how to write these critical career management communications.

Management by Numbers — Be very afraid is an article about the “numbers” style of management and why this type of management style is so detrimental to your position, if not your career. All numbers tell a story — unless you are a numbers manager.

Apollo 13 and the lessons of leadership looks at the management style used by the mission controller in order to have a “successful failure” of the flight — and how these styles relate to management styles in today’s business world. I wrote this in October, 2007, after watching the movie (for the N’th time…) and never imagined that it would still be one of my top read articles today.

Do you see the pattern?

For their own personal knowledge, people want to know how to effectively communicate their performance through goals and reviews, how long to be in a position, and manage multiple changes happening in their lives right now.

Plus, they want to understand the different styles of management so they can effectively work on the team — or know to leave.

I’ll write more on these subjects as there is a great need for learning about these topics. And remember, there are great resources — including 30 career management tips — found in the Career Management Resources section of the site.

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