300 job skills for knowledge workers

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Mar 06

Recently, I attended a class on looking for a job. There were some pretty good tips in the class, but the one I found most fascinating was the concept of “transferable skills.”

Now, I know that skills are transferable between different jobs, but the number that was thrown out (yes, I’m a numbers person) was that most professionals have over 300 transferable skills in the work that they do.

Most people, it was suggested, have no idea of their transferable skills because they haven’t sat down to figure out what skills they are using that are transferable. Including me. Especially 300 of them.

Using transferable skills as the base, the process for looking for work then becomes:

  • Identify transferable skills
  • Rank the transferable skills and incorporate them into your resume
  • Focus your applicable transferable skills to the specific job posting
  • Have talking points about your transferable skills for the interview

I am not sure there is much of a distinction between “job skills” and “transferable job skills,” but the important point to me was clearly identifying what job skills you have and could then be applied to other positions.

Have your 300 job skills identified and ranked yet? I’m getting to work on mine.