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In our work, finding the right fit within an organization is important, even if the organization changes every 18-months. Being able to work in a compatible environment reduces stress, improves your work, and helps elevate your career.

How do you find out about the culture, management style and work environment of your potential new management team? You ask questions, of course — and most candidates don’t.

That’s dangerous.

Lisa Haneberg wants you to ask questions as well as be prepared for some good questions yourself. In “How to Interview the InterviewER — How to Interview Potential Managers” she offers up her list of some really great questions to ask.

Here’s my favorite set of questions, wrapped up in Lisa’s number 10:

10. Describe your leadership and management style. How do you approach ensuring everyone on your team is working on the right stuff? How do you communicate? What is your belief about what makes people perform their best? Describe your direct reports in terms of each person’s, strengths, weaknesses, and how you managed each to perform their best.

You’d want to know that if you were going to work for this manager, wouldn’t you?

Me too. Check out the rest at Management Craft and start practicing the questions to ask the interviewer.

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