Resumes don’t cut it anymore

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Mar 03

It has come to this: even having a perfect resume for the position only nets you a one in five chance of being called for an interview.

Called. Not actually getting the job.

That’s the surprising statistic coming from Eve Tahminchioglu’sHow job seekers can get their foot in the door.”

If a perfect candidate can’t get through the resume wall, what’s a person to do?

  1. Have a good resume. Even if getting through is tough, it is one avenue for finding a job. Just make sure it isn’t the only avenue for finding a job.
  2. Get on the inside. Find a person working for your target company. They can help you with contacts, or, at least a view as to what is happening inside the company.
  3. Talk with your network. And you network’s network. Often, a referral from someone in your network to someone else in their network will be the key that opens a door.
  4. Use a tool to manage your career. I use Jibber Jobber as a tool to help manage my career.
  5. Build a Personal Brand. If built correctly, people will come to you looking for you to help them.

We’re not perfect candidates for anything we do in life. There is no “silver bullet.” Consequently, we need to do the work necessary to meet our work goals no matter the avenue used.

  • Hi Scot:
    I especially like your No. 5 suggestion. Some time ago, I posted some thoughts on that subject on my blog that may be helpful to those looking to stand out from the crowd. I’ve also found that using a tool like LinkedIn properly can be very effective.

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