Wake Up and Create the Life You Want — Part 5

By Scot Herrick | Book Reviews

Feb 15

One of the great challenges in life is to move from where you are to where you want to be. It’s not easy.

But, there is a path. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Debra Moorhead’s blog and found both inspiration and perfectly practical advice on how to make change stick. She’s now combined this inspiration and practicality into her new book Wake Up and Create the Life You Want: a Guide to Self-Empowerment.

I’m privileged to share a question, answer, and some commentary each day this week. Today’s final question:

Question: Changing behavior, at best, is difficult for most people as habits require a great deal of discipline to integrate into people’s lives. How does the book help someone develop needed behaviors and habits to their goals?

Debra Moorhead: Well, I talk specifically about how to eliminate bad habits and develop new ones, and it’s one of the areas that I spend the most time on in my seminars. But based on readers’ comments and reactions to the book, I think the motivation and inspiration provided throughout the book is a key component to lasting change.

One reader says, “I always feel like I pick up from where I am right now and move forward.” That’s an imperative concept for me since, as I’ve stated before, all we’ve got is where we are. That’s all any of us can do and I guess it’s so important to me because I spent a lot of time thinking that it was too late, that I’d allowed myself to get swallowed up by an industry I had no passion for, that I’d trapped myself by making myself indispensable to my husband, etc.

I’d also built up a belief system that I had become this “thing,” for lack of a better word, that couldn’t change. I thought I had to be exactly what I was and that I could never grow or expand because what I had become was so integral even to my own well-being. I mean, all of our money came from the dental practice – how could I risk that?

Again, the hard part was waking up. Once I realized that I could create the life I truly wanted, regardless of perceived limitations, the habits were fun to re-create.

Now I change something about myself almost every day. Shedding old habits and developing new ones is almost like changing clothes for me. I’m constantly developing new personas and some I keep, some I toss. I know myself, but I’m still experimenting with what all I can become at the same time. It’s an amazing life experience now; expansion is a wonderful habit to develop! My mission is to motivate, educate, and inspire others to be their best through my writing, speaking, and coaching. The more I try new things, the more I can identify with and help others. I see life as one huge, fun experiment that probably won’t end until the day I die.

We create our lives one moment, one thought, one word, and one action at a time. Live joyfully!


Change is tough for anyone. I think this approach of needing to “wake up” and then go through the steps needed for change is a great addition to how we approach personal change for our work and our life.

I’d like to thank Debra for the time invested in our interview — it’s been a pleasure working with her.


Debra Moorhead draws out desire and instills success in people and organizations.

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