Wake Up and Create the Life You Want — Part 2

By Scot Herrick | Book Reviews

Feb 12

One of the great challenges in life is to move from where you are to where you want to be. It’s not easy.

But, there is a path. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Debra Moorhead’s blog and found both inspiration and perfectly practical advice on how to make change stick. She’s now combined this inspiration and practicality into her new book Wake Up and Create the Life You Want: a Guide to Self-Empowerment.

I’m privileged to share a question, answer, and some commentary each day this week. Today’s question:

Question: You’ve experienced being in a job that you didn’t like, yet you continued to stay with it. While it is understandable to stay because it was your husband’s business, outside of that, why is it so difficult for people to move on to something that they would like to do?

Debra Moorhead: This is where I depart from other motivational speakers and authors who will tell you that fear is the culprit that holds most people back. While fear of success or a fear of failure will often creep up, I find in my coaching and seminar business that what holds most of us back is not knowing what we truly want. That’s why I wrote the book.

I didn’t have a fear of not making it in the world and I certainly didn’t have a fear of success. I also didn’t really fear leaving my husband’s practice – I knew I could find someone to replace myself. The raw truth was that I didn’t know what I wanted.

All I knew was what I didn’t want and I kept listening to law of attraction speakers telling me to not think about or focus on what I didn’t want. But that’s hard to do when it’s all you know.

When my husband asked me, “What do you want,” I suddenly had to define what I had been complaining about for over 3 years in opposite terms from what I had been thinking.

In other words, I had to turn my thinking around, and that turned my life around. I started researching ways to identify my desires and outline the life I wanted to create, and I share all of those, what worked and what didn’t, in the book.


This, from Debra, is a powerful perception change that most of us need to implement. We’re so used to discussing what isn’t working at work or in our life that we’ve lost the ability to define what we want. All of you out there who are still trying to figure out what you want to do when you grow up, raise your hand.

Yeah, mine’s up too, although not as high as it used to be. It’s tough to figure out what you truly want — that’s where this book can help.

More tomorrow.


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