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One of the great challenges in life is to move from where you are to where you want to be. It’s not easy.

But, there is a path. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Debra Moorhead’s blog and found both inspiration and perfectly practical advice on how to make change stick. She’s now combined this inspiration and practicality into her new book Wake Up and Create the Life You Want: a Guide to Self-Empowerment.

I’m privileged to share a question, answer, and some commentary each day this week. Today’s question:

Question: The title of your book is Wake Up and Create the Life You Want. It’s a great title – and implies two different things. The first is “wake up” and the second is “create the life you want.” Are these different functions and, if so, what are the differences?

Debra Moorhead: I do see it as two separate occurrences, Scot. Most people go through life in a spiritual slumber. I was one of those people. We do what is expected of us instead of what thrills our soul and we forget that our entire life is made of choices.

The result is that we blame circumstances and other people for anything and everything that doesn’t please us. But once we accept complete responsibility for everything that has happened in our lives in the past, and realize that our future is determined by the choices we make in this moment, the here and now, it’s like an awakening.

Then the process begins of defining what you want so that you can then go about the process of creating the life you truly want and deserve. The hardest part is waking up, but creation can be challenging, too. Regardless of the obstacles, the results are always worth the effort!


I recently had dinner with my former manager and one of the interesting items that came up was the fact that we humans are exceptionally adaptable — and so close to ourselves that we can’t see how good and bad things are in our lives. Whether it is work or home, we simply go on — as in a slumber. Waking up is a hard thing to do; something unique that I think Debra brings to the entire discussion for improving ourselves.

More tomorrow.


Debra Moorhead draws out desire and instills success in people and organizations.

As a Business Development consultant specializing in motivation and training, Debra will make a positive impact on your team, and your profit. With over fifteen years’ experience in systems development and training, Debra Moorhead is bringing her unique talents and experiences as a business executive to those who are interested in becoming their best, and developing their full potential. Debra is a writer, motivational speaker, consultant, trainer, and seminar leader who motivates, educates, and inspires others to reach their full potential, and has a strong desire to see you achieve the success you deserve.

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