Jan 21

One of the best purchases I have ever made was getting the Bose Quiet Comfort headphones. I had traveled a lot for business on planes and I finally decided it was worth the money to buy a set of noise canceling headphones.

Not just for the airplane engine noise, of course, but also for the crying kids, the loud jocks behind you and the person who wants to chat your ear off while you just want to sleep. I’ve always viewed my flying time as mine and the headphones helped keep it that way.

Putting a set of Bose headphones with an iPod is the cat’s meow. Putting a set Bose headphones with an iPod on an airplane is close to Nirvana.

With another long plane trip in front of Kate and myself in just a couple of weeks, having the Bose headphones will be a great help. And then mine broke after some four years of good use.

Calling Bose, I was greeted with the fact that the serial number on my headphones had their warranty expire long ago — no surprise there.

But, Bose offers replacement headphones for about $100. You need to get a Return Material Authorization from Bose, have that clearly marked on the shipment box you send to them, and then they turn around and send you another pair of headphones.

This is a great deal in and of itself as Bose headphones sell for $299 in stores or online.

When I asked the representative how long the turnaround, I was told two to three weeks depending upon the levels in the warehouse. Telling the representative of my concern with the upcoming long trip, he unilaterally offered to send back the replacement headphones next day air at no additional charge and note the request on the Return Material Authorization.

The broken headphones hit their warehouse last Friday and the replacement set hit my doorstep with next day air today — just less than a week and plenty of time before our trip.

Many people whine about service; I make commentary of what is really a bad situation for consumers as well. So when I get really great service, I love to shout it from my particular mountain top.

  • Jennifer says:

    These are good too. I love mine.

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