Your Personal Brand When You Don’t Have One

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jan 16

Many people think of Personal Brands and either don’t know what they are or do not think they are that important. Or think they don’t need a Personal Brand.

But you already have a Personal Brand. Managers and people associate you with your Personal Brand every single day.

A while back in my career, a senior Vice President two levels up from me and one organization over was given a problem and her answer was: “Give this project to Scot. He’s never failed when he has been personally involved with a project.”

Don’t you think I had a Personal Brand before there were Personal Brands? Of course.

If you have a Personal Brand right now but don’t realize it, what does your Personal Brand consist of to your team, your managers, and your associates?

Here’s the list:

  1. Deliver what you promise. If you say something will be done, is it done? Delivery and execution of tasks is critical to your Brand, whether you are promoting one or not.
  2. Communicate bad news early. This is important because if you communicate bad stuff early it gives people time to work the issue and fix problems and still be able to deliver on time.
  3. Be a Trusted Adviser. Do you provide constructive insights to the problems and issues at hand? Do you work to solve the problems instead of pointing out all the ways things won’t work?
  4. Your attitude. Slacker and whiner? Or, achiever and winner? Your attitude contributes to your brand.

There are other items, of course. But, the point is this: You already have a Personal Brand. Shouldn’t you be working your brand to what you want it to be instead of leaving it in the hands of the people you come in contact with in your life?


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  • Karen Gurney says:

    The items on this list reflect personal integrity. If you value high level of personal ethics and integrity, it translates into positive action.

  • It’s not a question if you have a personal brand, it’s if you’re showing the right personal brand and managing it properly.

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