Laid Off: Checklist for what to take with you

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Jan 11

Earlier, I posted 8 items to take with you if you know you are being laid off. There were some great comments from that post that had good additions to the list. Here’s the original checklist of items to take if you know you are being laid off:

  • Your resume
  • Your reviews
  • Your contacts
  • Your financial URL’s and passwords
  • Your employee service center number
  • Your documentation for any interactions with the company
  • Your employment verification process
  • Your manager’s contact information

Here’s some of the additional items from the comments:

  • Training Certifications. Not only the certifications, but the actual training that you did at the company that related to your job skills
  • Copies of pre-employment agreements. Think of non-compete agreements, security clearances, etc., that might affect your future employment
  • Complete copies of your personnel records (if companies allow it)
  • Company awards. Employee of the month, President’s Club, support awards
  • Great e-mail compliments on work well done. Especially anything that contributed to revenue, growth, and expenses.
  • Plus, delete all personal items from your work computer, especially password files or programs.

Thanks to Steve of Random Hold and Wendy from Gen Plus for these great additions.

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