Laid Off: Enjoying the moment

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Jan 04

Much of career management and personal branding is strategy and tactics. If we do this, then that will happen. At least we hope it does.

Career management is future-oriented. What we work on now builds for what we want to happen in the future. So we plan, work the plan, check out our environment to see future impacts to our work, and then plan some more.

What we sometimes forget about is enjoying the moment. Given that my wife and I have both been laid off from our company, you can understand that we’ve been doing a lot of planning, working the plan, checking the environment and then doing some more.

It’s time we enjoyed the moment. We’re financially fine, worked through the emotional aspects of being laid off, and gotten through the holidays. But I wouldn’t say we’ve enjoyed the moment that much.

Enjoying the moment is important, however, laid off or not. That point was hit home for me by Christine Kane’s wonderful article on The Architecture of Delight.

The importance is here:

Delight is a “now” word. Delight is about living in the moment – but without having to prod yourself to “be present.” Delight shifts your energy so that you become “attractive” and happy. When you are attractive and happy, then effortlessness has a way of delivering your success to you, rather than you having to “work hard” for it all the time. Also, when you are happy and when you allow delight in your life, then “working hard” isn’t so hard. In fact, it’s more fun.

One of Abraham-Hicks’s daily messages in 2007 was this: “A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they’re so busy trying to get a happy life.”

Delight is that moment. Delight shifts your chemistry. It removes the resistance. It teaches you how to allow effortlessness.

We all know that, of course. And we nod and think, “Yea yea – I need to do something about that.” And then we don’t.

But have you ever considered that it might be imperative to make space for delight in your life?

Do you recognize that delight and joy might actually attract more of your goal to you as you take action steps towards it?

I’ve discovered that the more I’ve opened up to delight in my everyday life, the more I allow it in my work life, too. The more I move toward delight in my work, the more unexpected opportunities show up.

Christine then provides five simple ways to to invite delight — all good ones.

We are all consumed by busy-ness, getting the work done, and planning for the future. It’s important work to be done of course. But take the time to discover the delight in what you are doing now.