Corporate Speak at its best

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Dec 29

One of the most important skills to develop as a Cubicle Warrior is learning to interpret Corporate Speak, that specialized language businesses use to tell you everything is OK while they are scrambling like mad.

Understanding Corporate Speak, both for what is said and what is not said, will give you a great feel for the direction of the corporation or your department. Corporate Speak is not transparent.

I love working with Corporate Speak so much that it has become a form of humor for me. People in corporations understand the language well enough so that the little twists and turns of the language become the humorous truth of our Corporate Life.

A great example of Corporate humor can be found on Jason Alba’s Jibber Jobber blog — the Company Year-end Letter (or, Here’s Your Pink Slip).

The letter is perfect Corporate Speak. But the truth is there as well: only you can manage your career. Cube Rules — and Jibber Jobber’s Career Toolset — can help.

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