Innovating Like Crazy; Executing Like Crap

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This past year has seen hundreds of articles — both mainstream and blog — that tell us that the only way to survive is to innovate, innovate, innovate. And it’s true — whether it is a company’s products and services or our personal brand, we all need to be continually innovating to meet the changing business environment.

Yet, we see the innovations meaning nothing or our personal brands be mere words written on an electronic screen.

This failure of execution should not be surprising: when is the last time your company, division or department mission statement was actually something you believed in and executed against? When was the last time your vision was something you looked to in order to execute your mission?

For that matter, how many of your vision and mission statements — especially at the department level — have stayed the same over the last two years?

My guess: not many.

Executing against a plan is hard. One needs to work tasks, involve others, track tasks to the plan, track tasks to completion and look hard at the plan to make sure it is still right given the feedback of the marketplace.

Yet, delivery of work is critical to the Cubicle Warrior. Delivery is critical to the effectiveness of your personal brand.

Innovation is essential to your work. Yet delivery of the innovation is the outward and visible sign of the inward and spiritual grace that you provide to your work.

  • Scot – Nice post.

    The problem with innovation is that at some point you have to stop innovating and start delivering a product/service.

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