Laid Off — an update

Just an update to my Laid Off — a new journey begins week. After both my wife and I were laid off, my brother-in-law (who lives with us in the “brother-in-law” unit of our house) experienced his own life-changing moment.

In the words of my wife, Kate:

Ok, so as most of you know, I got laid off along with over 3100 of my closest WaMu friends on Monday. Thirty minutes later, so did my husband, Scot.

At first we were pretty shaken, but in the last couple of days we’ve been coming to grips with what we need to and plan to do.

For starters, we’re leaving this Monday for an almost week long trip to the Oregon coast, someplace neither of us have been. We were really looking forward to it. After the new year, we’ll really dig in to look for work.

Tonight, plans changed.

On his way home from work on a dark and stormy Seattle night, my brother Paul lost control of his bicycle on a downhill and slammed into the asphalt. He called and I drove to pick him up, only to find him in a folding chair provided by the homeowner in front of whose house he’d crashed. He was almost crying he was hurting so bad.

I got him home and transferred him to Scot’s RAV4 (since the bike was still in the back of the Blazer), and Scot and I ran him to the ER.

Turns out, Paul has a pretty badly broken right collar bone. As I write this, he’s in a chair in the living room eating a grilled cheese sandwich, still dressed in a hospital gown wearing a sling and totally stoned out of his mind on pain killers. The doctor says he’ll be off work at least a month.

So now NO ONE in our house is working.

Trifecta complete. We’re ALL going to Oregon Monday, because, well, I think we as a family really need a break. And not of the skeletal kind!

You know and I know that this is how life works. Thankfully, my brother in law was wearing his bike helmet or things could have been much worse. But, they weren’t worse, so we’ll move on. Hopefully without any more complications.

Ironic, of course. But real.

  • Thank you for your “laid off entries”. My dad is getting laid off at the end of the month and since I’ve grown up seeing him get laid off everytime the economy goes bad (he’s in sales), I’m extremely afraid of getting laid off. I’m very young and just started a professional job and already i’m wondering when I will get laid off.
    It’s nice to see how calm you are, but I also would like to ask if you could write a blog on your personal finances when you lose a job. I feel the biggest reason why getting laid off is bad is that you have bills to pay and no money to pay them with. Also, you have to make sure you’re always current with your contacts and asking people in your network what they’re doing at their jobs etc. This is a little bit tiresome to think about all in fear of losing a job.

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