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This week I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the blog. Essentially, the new theme here uses “CSS” for rendering pictures, but most of my pictures that accompany articles use “HTML” for how the picture is presented. If you used Internet Explorer, you didn’t notice. If you use Firefox or Safari, the picture moved right up to the text — not what I want to show.

Consequently, I’ve spent most of two days going into each article I have written since the beginning of this blog — all 271 of them — and manually updated the picture framing so it looks the way it does now.

And had a wonderful review of all of that content while updating the work.

For those of you new to Cube Rules, there really is “gold in them hills” that you can dig out. You can see all of the archives by month or category by clicking on the Cube Rules Archives link on the left. But here were a few good areas I thought I would bring back that touched a “that’s still true now” theme.

The entire list on the Career Management Resources link. There is really good stuff there on interviewing, leadership, career management tips and more.

401(k) Investment Rebalancing Time — an article about the need to look at investments each year and rebalance them. How I do it — and it is to be done again in the next two weeks so this article is still timely.

Microloans Rock! about a $50.00 investment I made through Kiva. There is much to be said about loaning money to people wanting to expand their business — and delivering. Consider this for your own giving.

My Killer GTD Setup, Parts I, II, and III, are the most viewed articles on the blog. It provides how I went about evaluating tools for implementing the Getting Things Done methodology. Interestingly, I don’t use the tools mentioned in the articles anymore — but the principles still apply.

Jag Crashes and Burns on the Next Food Network Star is a cautionary public tale of what happens with lying about your resume history.

Unemployment is 2.5%; Corporate Churn is 75% is an article that speaks of the need to be constantly exercising our career management skills because of the broad changes that occur inside our companies.

Personal Branding is about Doing is an article that suggests that identifying, designing, and marketing our personal brands means nothing if we don’t actually deliver real work.

I helped the company to… is an article about attitude and interview skills where the person describes how this person helped a company achieve their goals.

No Tech Support Required suggests that we’ve made much of everything way too complicated.

Finally, if you haven’t reviewed 30 Days, 30 Career Management Tips, you should take a look at a long list of good career management ideas.

Updating the blog was a lot of (tedious) work. But it was great to review what is in this body of work. And it will only get better. Thanks for reading and commenting on the blog; it is appreciated.

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