Personal Branding: Ensure the stars align

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Nov 01

We live in a social world. Not only do we interact with people all day in person and on the phone, we also interact with them in all of the digital media made available to us on the Internet.

But, the digital media on the Internet is not a transient transaction in our lives; instead, through the power of search engines and instant updates, the digital record lives on. What we write, post, and picture stays with us as we continue on in our lives.

This fact is a critical part of personal branding. What is written and posted becomes part of the personal brand record, for better or worse.

We want to be diverse in our digital interactions; the diversity gives our personal brand range and reach to our audience. But the diversity also carries with it a great risk: our personal brand becomes muted, fuzzy, and lost when the entire record is viewed.

One of the great challenges to maintaining a personal brand (and there are many) is that the digital record — to the greatest extent possible — should be consistent in your message of your brand.

We build our digital record one post, one picture, one comment, and one electron at a time. Over time, that record reflects our brand.

Make sure your message is aligning the stars the way you want them to align. After all, it’s your brand.