The 30-second resume test

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working hard on my resume. The reasoning is that, while I’ve added a lot of information to it about the positions I have been in recently, I don’t think that it answers some of the critical questions that hiring managers — or recruiters — would like to see in reading the resume. A revamp is in order.

Consequently, it was with great delight that Barbara Safani of Career Solvers stepped right up to write a great three part series on resumes — and how they need to pass the 30-second resume tests by the people reading the resume.

The first test is this: showing you are competent.

The second test: showing your professional, personal brand. Barbara critically notes:

A professional identity is not the same as a job title. The professional identify conveys your personal brand and the scope of your responsibilities through a few targeted words.

The third test: showing your accomplishments.

Each of these articles gives very specific advice on working your resume to match up with your skills and the position you are looking for.

And, a great Halloween analogy to boot:

Resumes are a lot like Halloween costumes. The best resumes, like the best costumes, are not what we expect. They challenge the senses and the mind. They make us think “Wow, this is someone I need to know” or “Maybe this person can help solve my company’s problems.” They invite conversation, inquiry, and perhaps even debate.

The series offers great advice. I’m going to use all of it in rebuilding my resume.

  • Nitin Pipl says:

    Thanks for your post I really impressed

  • Scot,

    Thanks for the mention!I guess I better get started on my next holiday post…how about “Is Your Resume a Turkey?”

  • This is good advice. I also like the advice that I think I heard from JT O’Donnell – focus on your transferable skill set.

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