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Today, Liz Strauss is celebrating the birthday of Successful Blog and she has asked that we share with her and her community something that is both successful and outstanding with us in our lives.

Well, it turns out that today is the wedding anniversary with my wife, Kate.

If I were to look at my life and figure out what is both successful and outstanding, the relationship with Kate would be number one on my list.

It was, of course, not easy getting to this point in our lives. There have been previous relationships that have not worked out. In both my wife’s and my life there have been the challenges, the falls, and the triumphs — everything that is wonderful, hard, and fleeting.

It simply prepared us for each other.

I have searched a long time for the right relationship. It has been said that I have been unwilling to settle and have been willing to start over with nothing to find the right relationship. I’ve always questioned — and admired — how people could really believe that they have found the love of their life.

I don’t question that any more.

Tonight, Kate and I will enjoy a quiet anniversary dinner at a wonderful restaurant. In between the courses, we’ll again weave the story of our relationship — the triumphs, sorrows, and laughter — that continues to add to the foundation we have built together. We’ll wonder at how all of this came together; grateful and knowing how the past has shaped what we now have, knowing that we share the future.

We will have no regrets and great confidence in our relationship together. Because what we have is successful and outstanding.

  • I hope you had a good anniversary – your wife is beautiful! It sounds like she’s the same on the inside too šŸ™‚

  • Scot Herrick says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your wonderful comment. We have a bit more to go for ten years, but are looking forward to getting there.

  • Happy Anniversary! You guys look GREAT together and I hope you have a very nice night out celebrating! I celebrated my 10 year with my husband in July and it is truly wonderful when you have a spouse you can grow with. How wise to see all your past experiences as preparing you for each other! I wish you all the best for MANY MANY more years of happiness together! Jenny

  • My husband is so sweet. How many wives have husbands that even REMEMBER anniversaries? And he writes about ours for the whole WORLD to see!

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