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Today, there’s this little party happening in the blogosphere — a celebration ending Successful Blog’s second year in operation.

And, what a two years! Liz Strauss has taken that time and accomplished much. Although we could shower her with accolades and adoration, she’d be shy and gracefully decline the spotlight.

Instead, she would rightly focus on the great community that has become centered around Successful Blog. A community that, in the impersonal Internet, is built entirely on the personal. Relationships matter to her as they should for all of us.

After all, work doesn’t get done thinking about stuff, it gets done when people do something to move things forward with other people.

People will tout that Liz is the great relationship builder for blogs. Some of that is true, of course. But, the reality is that she is open to people, their opinions, and focuses on their gifts. People then feel free to chat and exchange comments on their gifts with others.

Then, magic happens. People see that they can fill the needs of others and offer their services to them. They thank Liz while the reality of the situation is that Liz gave them a platform to share what needed sharing.

To be fair, if asked for advice, I’m pretty straightforward. And Liz has not only asked for my advice, but listened carefully to the opinions offered and quietly implemented much of what has been offered. And I’ve been very privileged to ask for advice and listened carefully to the advice given as well.

Create a platform that allows for building a community. Facilitate the community by pointing out the common things that people share and who can help with issues. Listen to the advice given and implement.

Then you will create a Successful Blog.

Bravo, Liz. Bravo.

  • Oh Scot,
    You always could see, couldn’t you?
    That’s the wonder of who you are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for every minute.

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