Get Unplugged

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is now officially fall and has been for a bit. I’ve always considered Labor Day to be the “fall season” simply because as a child it was when we went back to school after a great summer off.

Even if we don’t physically take the entire summer off, there are lots of thoughts in our heads about the freedom of summer, the romance of the beach, the carefree attitude that summer brings in spite of the task list in front of us at work.

After Labor Day, all those carefree thoughts go away, the family vacations are done, and people tend to buckle down and get to work.

And right now, people are starting to burn out a bit from six weeks of solid work.

So my suggestion is to take a weekend and just unplug. Head out for two days of fun and frolic, check out the changing of the leaves on the trees, and purposefully recharge your batteries.

You’ll be glad you did.

Hat tip to the buzz 101 and the article from August on “unplug to get connected.”

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