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In the endless search for productivity tools, many have been created for David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) approach. If you like the approach — and e-mail is a primary “inbox” for you — then Outlook can be used as a great vehicle for managing your work.

But, Outlook lacks the “tools” in the toolbar to accommodate the GTD methodology where something in an e-mail can become part of a project, a next action, or something to go into a tickler file among other things.

Many buy products or services to add on to Outlook, but it has been rare to find how to create your own. After all, Outlook can be accessed by programs, it should be able to accessed by mere humans.

Thanks to Lars Axelsen at Productivity, we can. Lars has provided a great Adobe file that shows how to install a new “GTD” toolbar for Outlook in a simple, step-by-step tutorial, including screen shots.

If you’ve wanted an Outlook Toolbar that directly processes your work using the great GTD framework and discipline, this could be a great addition to your toolbox.

Get the file at the GTD Toolbar.

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