30 Career Management Tips — Cubicle Warriors are Leaders

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Sep 29

This month, I’m providing a career management tip-a-day (along with other posts) to help you trigger your own career management activities.

Today’s tip: Cubicle Warriors are Leaders.

Based upon all of the books and magazines, you’d think that leadership was the province of upper management. While leadership at the upper ranks of a corporation can effect the direction of a company, here’s a little known truth: leadership lives in cubes.

You see, upper management does a lot of stuff — but they don’t execute on the tasks necessary to make things happen. People who work in cubes do that.

Unfortunately, most people who work in cubes don’t think of themselves as leaders. Yet they are in every sense.

If you look around your peers and asked yourself if you absolutely needed to get something done even if it was difficult to complete, who would that person be for you?

And that’s your leader.

Pundits can offer their theories on executive leadership, interesting stories on how things may have happened, but the people who made the strategy actually work are those leaders working in the cubes. They are those people I call Cubicle Warriors. If something has to get done, done right and done with little direction, who would you give the task to execute?

Why not you?

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